Wednesdays, 11PM - 2AM Eastern

Primal ○ Famfrit ○ Empyreum ○ Ward 20 ○ Plot 12

About Reverie

A unique venue experience for the discerning, and the wanderer.

Reverie is an 18+ FFXIV Role Player-friendly venue designed to provide an immersive and complete experience for those seeking to slow down, put their feet up over a few drinks, meet people and enjoy good company over a fine selection of music.Open every Wednesday, 11pm - 2am Eastern

Come take a seat at the bar, peruse our menu or ask our friendly and helpful bartender for a recommendation. Our selection of light snacks, wine, beer and specialty cocktails are of the highest quality for your enjoyment.

Performers grace the stage here, designed intimately for the best possible experience, be it with old friends or new ones you meet here.

If you're with company, we provide ample seating for your relaxation, complete with soft, ambient lighting to put your hearts and minds at ease while you wile the night away in conversation.

Keep in touch

We have an ever-growing community of fun-loving folks who share a love for good music and all-round great vibes. Join us to keep in touch and up-to-date with everything that we do.


We stream music on for your listening pleasure. Do note that we do not own the rights to any music we play on our stream. Click on the icon below to join the listening party.


If there's one thing we love as much as music and people, it's great pictures. Follow us on Instagram and tag us if you take any lovely snaps when you visit. We would love to see them.

Hostess Service

Like any good tune, a memorable night out demands high-quality service. Allow us to ensure that your night ends on the right note.

Uncompromising attention

Our staff are trained to provide quality SFW companionship during your stay here, be it for conversation, a sympathetic ear or simply to have a personal hostess all to yourself. Or all of the above, even. We are at your service.

200k per half hour per hostess, with complimentary access to the Red Room for the duration of the engagement.
*Strictly SFW only. Subject to staff availability. Our staff reserve the right to accept, deny or cut short their engagement by their own discretion.

The Red Room

Slow things down a notch and insulate yourself from the world.

Privacy. Exclusivity.

The Red Room is our exclusive VIP lounge made for privacy, yet affords a grand view of the performing acts, if you so choose, or quiet booths tucked away for peace and quiet. Bring along your favorite swimsuit, because we also provide cozy hot tubs for your relaxation. Whether it's a date with your special someone or just friends hanging out, it might just be the spot you're looking for.○Rates:
We charge a flat 200k per entry per guest. Once inside, you are free to occupy any available spaces on offer.


A little something about the people who make Reverie, Reverie.

Eona Infearis


A music lover with a soft spot for jazz, blues, funk and rock 'n' roll, nothing makes Eona happier than to help others unwind, smile and connect over drinks and good music.

Arya Alsahiir

Bartender / Hostess

Friendly and charming, Arya's favorite things are to mix up delicious cocktails and chat up their lovely customers. Come sit for a spell!

Nunsy Bun


As sweet as they come, Nunsy loves her drinks, music and good company. Let this beautifully unassuming bun see to your needs as you kick back and relax for the evening.

Lain Schiffnie

Hostess / Bartender

For a warm welcome, let Lain's song embrace you in that comfort you've been looking for. Whether it be music or good company you seek, she'll conjure up the perfect tune for you!

Vhal Wolf


Large and intimidating Vhal may look, yet all is not as it seems, for once she opens up you'll find yourself with a cozy companion who can melt the hours away with warm words and an honest heart!